AMP-Law Clerk tied painfully tight.

He needed to steal some legal files and the only way to get them was to break into the Judge’s chambers. But when he arrived, he found Danni, the Judge’s legal assistant was there. He had to make sure that she stayed out of the way, so he tied her up with rope. Then when her protests started getting too loud, he stuffed a gag in her mouth. As the man was looking for the files, Danni started struggling to get loose. But because the rope was tied so painfully tight, she found it extremely difficult to move. She could hear people talking out in the hallway. But with her mouth stuffed and the gag also tied very tight, she couldn’t make much sound. Finally, the man found what he was looking for. So before he left, he put Danni back on the couch and tied her in a strict hogtie. Now Danni found it near impossible to move. She stayed this way for sometime until she heard the door open and someone walk in looking for her.

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